Branch "Research and Devolopment Institute of Air Navigation of The State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation

The Institute carries out research and development in the following areas:

  • System-wide and complex development challenges of aeronautical systems;
  • Improvements in air traffic and the use of airspace;
  • Development of CNS / ATM systems implementation and funds programs;
  • Technology communications, navigation and surveillance;
  • Protection of the EU ATM facilities information;
  • Justification Safety requirements for air navigation services and the development of their security programs;
  • Development of requirements, testing and certification of ground-based radio-technical support of flights, aviation, telecommunication and air traffic control and on-board navigation and piloting and avionics of aircraft;
  • Modernization of aircraft to ensure that existing and future requirements of air navigation;
  • Improving safety of airplanes and helicopters, GA;
  • Development of technical requirements, guidelines for testing and certification of complex work on onboard navigating GA Sun equipment.

The Institute carries out research and development on behalf of the Federal Air Transport Agency and other federal bodies of executive power. Performs work under contracts with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise " State ATM Corporation ", the country's aviation infrastructure companies, airlines and other organizations.

Together with industrial enterprises implementing plans for the creation and implementation of new techniques and technologies.