Branch "Research and Devolopment Institute of Air Navigation of The State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation performs certification types of terrestrial systems and air traffic in accordance with the accreditation certificate Certification Authority such as airfields equipment (airport), air routes and centers equipment ATC, number STS.A-006 from 22.08.2011, issued by the Interstate aviation Committee.

legal foundation

Mandatory certification types of terrestrial systems and air traffic management in accordance with regulations:

  • The Constitution of the Russian Federation;
  • Federal Law of March 19, 1997 № 60-FZ "Air Code of the Russian Federation";
  • Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation (the USSR, 10/15/1970, the Convention on International Civil Aviation, Chicago, 12/07/44, the);
  • Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace states - participants of Commonwealth of Independent States;
  • Russian Federation Government Resolution of 23.4.94 number 367 "On improving the system of certification and procedures for investigation of accidents in the Russian Federation Civil Aviation";
  • Aviation Regulations "AP-170. Equipment certification of aerodromes and air routes. "


The procedure for certification of types of terrestrial systems and ATM resources defined in the aviation regulations, "the AP-170. Equipment certification of aerodromes and air routes, Volume I - Rules of certification of aerodromes and airways equipment ", the second edition of the amended 1997 and 1998.

certification requirements

Certification requirements for the types of land systems and ATM funds identified in aviation regulations "AP-170. Equipment Certification airfields and airways, Vol II - Certification requirements for airfields and airways equipment ", second edition adjusted № 1.

The results of the certification types of terrestrial systems and ATM funds

In 2007, the Institute carries out works on certification:

electronic equipment air traffic control centers, airports and airways

  • complex controls automation of air traffic ATC KSA "Alpha";
  • Beacon BC instrument approach landing system SP-200;
  • automated two-way radio centers (ATRC-EU);
  • Ground data set Rubin-M;
  • Dispatch multichannel recorder "Mirror";
  • integrated control room simulator "Expert" (software version 3);
  • switching system voice ICS 200/60;
  • ground-based aviation aeronautical VHF T6 Series 2.

lighting and lighting equipment airfields

  • AYULV.305441.005 markers cylindrical shape for use as markers taxiway edges;
  • markers - signs AYULV.305441.006 and AYULV.305441.007 for use as aerodrome signs;
  • Shields AYULV.6671111.000 uninterruptible power supply;
  • LED lamp "Zom-PERM" ISHBP.676631.004;
  • isolation transformers NTE / 1 and NTE / 1E and addressable switching ASD device to
  • Distribution Type Certificate on airfield characters from internal illumination type TGS-A;
  • batch type high-voltage cable 205 NEXANS-FAA L-824 C 1x6 mm2 5kV length 84 km manufactured
  • «NEXANS FRANCE» for use in the Khabarovsk airport;
  • Aerodrome signs with internal illumination type IDM SA Idman 6101 production;
  • Companies of lighting elements THORN Airfield Lighting;
  • brand cable HO7RN-F.