Certification of avionics and aircraft in terms of on-board equipment in accordance with regulations:

  • The Constitution of the Russian Federation;
  • Federal Law of March 19, 1997 №60-FZ "Air Code of the Russian Federation";
  • Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation (the USSR, 15/10/1970, the Convention on International Civil Aviation, Chicago, 7/12/44 was)
  • Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace states - participants of Commonwealth of Independent States;
  • Russian Federation Government Resolution dated 23.04.94 №367 «On improving the system of certification and procedures for investigation of accidents in the Russian Federation civil aviation."

Branch R&D Institute of Air Navigation of GosNII GA performs certification of types of components avionics and aircraft in terms of on-board equipment in accordance with the accreditation certificate Certification Center avionics ( "STSBO Research Institute of the Academy of Sciences") as a technically competent and independent Certification Center certification system aviation equipment and civil aviation facilities on October 20, 2016 №STS-003, issued by the Federal air transport Agency.

The procedure for certification

The procedure for certification of types of components avionics and aircraft defined in Aviation "AP-21 rules. certification of aeronautical engineering procedures. "

certification requirements

Certification requirements for the types of components on-board equipment of aircraft specified in the documents:

  • Qualification Requirements KT-23-01. "Emergency and rescue beacons operating in the COSPAS-SARSAT system";
  • Qualification Requirements KT-23-02. "The underwater acoustic beacon" 1 ed .;
  • Qualification Requirements KT-23-03. "Onboard equipment selective call" 1, Ed .;
  • Qualification Requirements KT-23-04. "Performance requirements onboard transceiver CF digital link Mode 2, operating in the frequency range 118-136,975 MHz (physical layer)";
  • Qualification Requirements KT-34-01. "On-board equipment of satellite navigation» 1-4 ed .;
  • Qualification Requirements KT-113-01. "Avionics secondary radar system for air traffic control";
  • Qualifications CT-153. "Qualifications" Hardware elements integrated modular avionics systems ";
  • Qualification requirements CT-160D, G. «operating and environmental conditions for the avionics (Environmental conditions). Requirements, standards and test methods ";
  • Qualifications CT-178A, B, C. "Software requirements for the onboard equipment and systems for the certification of aeronautical engineering";
  • Qualification Requirements KT-200A. "Processing of aeronautical data";
  • Qualification Requirements KT-253. "GNSS avionics / LCCS";
  • Qualification Requirements KT-254. "Quality Assurance Management Development of onboard electronic equipment";
  • Qualification Requirements KT-265. "Aircraft RF transceiver data link";
  • Qualification Requirements KT-229. "On-board equipment GNSS / SBAS»;
  • Annex to Chapter 8 of airworthiness of civil aircraft and helicopters NLGS-3.
  • Manual P-SCM-01. "Manual on Certification of aviation materials production";
  • Manual P-145.1. "Manual of Procedures for certification of maintenance organizations";
  • Manual P-248S. "Explanatory material documents and the CT-178S CT-278a";
  • Manual R-297. "Guidelines for the development and qualification of integrated modular avionics";
  • Manual R-330. "For the qualification of software tools Manual";
  • Manual R-331. "Development and verification based on the model. Addition to the documents and the CT-178S CT-278a ";
  • Manual R-332. "Object-oriented technologies, and related methods. Addition to the documents and the CT-178S CT-278a "
  • Guide P-333. "Addition of formal methods to the documents and the CT-178S CT-278a";
  • Manual P-4761. "Guidelines for systems of safety assessment methods, and onboard BC Assembly of equipment";
  • Manual P-4754. "Process Management Certification highly complex integrated onboard systems of the Armed Forces General Assembly";
  • Manual R-4754A. "Guidelines for the development of civil aircraft and systems";
  • Advisory material RM-178S. Conformity assessment software on-board equipment and systems CT-178S requirements.
  • Advisory material RM-297. "Advisory material qualification integrated modular avionics systems";
  • Advisory material RM-PDA. "Advisory material qualification of reusable software components";
  • Advisory material RM-GDS. "Advisory material on data bus guarantees";
  • Advisory Circular RC-23-1. "Methods of determining the conformity of flight performance, stability and controllability of Sections A and B Aviation Regulations, Part 23 (AP-23);
  • Circular RC-21-1. "Certification documents";
  • Advisory circulars developed based on the requirements set forth in the AP-29.

Certification requirements for aircraft defined in documents:

  • Aviation Regulations "AP-23. Codes of airworthiness of civil light aircraft ", third edition with amendments 1-4;
  • Aviation Regulations "AP-25. Airworthiness code transport category aircraft ", 5th edition with amendments 1-8;
  • Aviation Regulations "AP-27. The airworthiness codes Normal Category Rotary Wing ";
  • Aviation Regulations "AP-29. Airworthiness code transport category rotorcraft machines ", 1-2 ed .;
  • Aviation Regulations "AP-31. The airworthiness codes manned free balloons ";
  • Aviation Regulations "AP-OLS. The airworthiness codes very light aircraft ";
  • Qualification Requirements "TT-VP. Technical requirements for transport category aircrafts performing all-weather flight ".