The objectives of the Institute for Certification and improvement of the operation of aircraft avionics equipment are:

Multidisciplinary studies:

  • Airworthiness onboard navigating and electronic BC Assembly of equipment;
  • cockpit aircraft with the aim of improving the work of the crew and the distribution of its workload;
  • autonomous systems (means) separation HA sun;
  • avionics navigation systems, planting, communications and surveillance.

Participation in all stages of development, certification, implementation of operating electronic equipment of aircraft with the issuance of the relevant conclusions;

Organization and carrying out in cooperation with relevant organizations of certification and qualification testing of avionics aircraft of all types and categories, or participate in the tests;

Qualifying (laboratory, bench and flight) tests the avionics, as well as testing and evaluation of technical equipment (control and calibration of equipment) required for flight and technical operation of airborne equipment;

Participation in the development and improvement of Aviation Rules and regulations in the field of airworthiness of aircraft in terms of their electronic equipment;

Development and improvement of safety assessment methods for aircraft operations in terms of avionics;

Development and improvement of methods of assessment and resource assignment (lifetime) avionics aircraft;

Develops normative documents regulating flight and technical operation, in order to ensure and improve the flight and technical operation of avionics aircraft.

Regulatory technical documents of the Russian Federation for on-board GNSS equipment.