The Institute has a modeling complex simulation and HIL MK ATM for scientific and experimental research and development in the field of modernization and development of the air navigation system.

The functionality of the complex provide:

  • Comparison of options of organizational and technical activities related to the improvement of air traffic management, the network of air routes, air traffic planning and the development of technical means of ATM safety criteria / efficiency / cost;
  • Development of proposals to improve the organization IWP and the stage of their implementation;
  • Determining the risk of collisions of aircraft;
  • Determination minima for takeoff and landing aircraft;
  • Construction schemes of maneuvering aircraft in the terminal area;
  • Examination, delivery of the conclusions of circuits according maneuvering aircraft regulations;
  • Examination, issuance of opinions on the impact of building construction on flight safety;
  • Qualification perform the required navigation performance.

Using MC ATM for circuit design in the terminal area 


map Display


The construction schemes

design of materials used in the design of evidence-based documentation for AUV and PPIs as aeronautical charts layouts:

  • departure
  • arrival
  • approach for various RTS

Sources of background information for the database and design schemes:

  • Russian aeronautical information (AIP, collections CAICA);
  • Aeronautical aerodrome certificate (the operations manual in the terminal area);
  • Topographic map of the area of ​​the airfield.


  • MK subsystem ATM plotting the routes in the terminal area (SID / STAR);

Applications for the calculation:

  • risk assessment of collision (CRM) for flights on ILS;
  • minimum safe altitude for non-precision approach for various RTS (VOR / DME, MRC, OSB, SNA PRSD).