The Institute has the following licenses and certificates of accreditation:

  • License of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency for space activities.
  • License of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for the development, production, testing and repair of aviation equipment.
  • License of the Center for Licensing, Certification and State Secret Protection Center of FSB of Russia to carry out works related to the use of information constituting a state secret.
  • The certificate of accreditation such as airfields Equipment Certification Center (airports), airways and air traffic control centers of the equipment issued by the Interstate Aviation Committee.
  • Certificate of Accreditation Certification Center avionics ( "STSBO Research Institute of the Academy of Sciences") as a technically competent and independent certification system certification center of aviation equipment and civil aviation facilities, issued by the Interstate Aviation Committee.
  • Certificate of management system conformity and quality for the development of scientific and technical production number BP SR.1.31.0176-2012.
  • The certificate of Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) of registration of mass media - Scientific Herald of the "Institute of Air Navigation".

pdfAccreditation certificate STSBO SRI AH on 10/20/2016 №STS 003.pdf-  (101,94 KB)

pdfFIELD accreditation STSBO AN_2016g_utv SRI. 20.10.2016 № 003.pdf SP-  (237,80 KB)